Adult Classes

lengthen. strengthen. love your body.

BARRE  This class incorporates dynamic sequencing of barre work and Pilates to strengthen your entire physique in record breaking time. The ballet inspired movements build core strength, lifts your seat, tones your thighs, tapers in your hips and burns fat all to fun music. Class starts at the ballet barre with exercises consisting of small isometric exercises to tone thighs, seat and abs while stretching in between, final ab work in the center of the room and end stretching. 

PILATES Pilates mat is a mind-body workout that elongates and strengthens,  improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. The quality of movement is valued over the quantity of repetitions. Core strength training is the true mantra of Pilates, with emphasis on core support and stabilization work while in motion. You will build strength without bulking up and gain long, lean muscles.

REFORMER The Pilates Reformer is a sophisticated piece of equipment that provides resistance with a series of springs, ropes and a jump board. The 60 minute session will not only sculpt & tone long lean muscles, but will improve core strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and alignment. Our method allows for more exercise options and quicker transitions, ensuring you will make the absolute most of every minute. You will feel invigorated, stretched, and ready for anything after taking this class! 5 participants per session allows instructors to correct and modify for all fitness levels.

ADULT BALLET Who doesn’t want that long and lean dancer’s look? Whether you have studied ballet for years or never stepped foot in a ballet studio, this class is for you. Ballet is an ideal form of exercise for all types of bodies, as one always works at their own level in order to develop fitness, strength, flexibility and artistry. It uses all the muscles of the body to create a physical art form that incorporates beautiful classical music and the sheer enjoyment of movement. It challenges the body and the brain to create flow of movement and hold a strong core. 

STRETCH Designed for anyone wanting to improve their overall flexibility, stiffness and range of motion. A 30 minute calm oasis of slow, static stretching techniques for all levels regardless of flexibility capability.